We Supply and provide support services at various locations:

  • Office supply, Electric material, Office furniture, Computers, Printers and stationary equipments.
  • Military gears, Building material, Tents, Vehicle leasing (Armored and soft skin)
  • Generator, Pipe material, Heavy equipment, Fuel and petroleum
  • Laundry Services, Billeting/Lodging, Meal Service Fresh Water, Administrative Space, Bagged Ice
  • Internet Access, Morale Welfare and Recreation, Fuel, Base Security Support, First Aid , Prime Power, Operation and Maintenance
  • Fire Response & Prevention Services, Logistics and Material Management, Health & Safety Risk Management, Force Protection Material
  • Gray & Black Water Removal, Ablution/Portable Latrines , Janitorial Services , Trash Receptacles & Supplies, Portable Latrines, Dumpster/Trash Removal.