Our Best Services


We routinely supply operations in some of Iraq’s remote and

troubled region – to highest international standards . We are

experts in managing the risks associated with delivery to

dangerous and unstable regions of the country.


We offer a full range of pre-construction and construction

services from start to finish, our projects estimators and project

managers are actively seeing all aspects of the construction to

have a smooth operation through all phase of the project.

We Supply and provide support services at various locations:

Office supply, Electric material, Office furniture, Computers, Printers and stationary equipments, Military gears, Building material, Tents, Vehicle leasing (Armored and soft skin).

Generator, Pipe material, Heavy equipment, Fuel and petroleum

Laundry Services, Billeting/Lodging, Meal Service Fresh Water, Administrative Space, Bagged Ice.

Internet Access, Morale Welfare and Recreation, Fuel, Base Security Support, First Aid , Prime Power, Operation and Maintenance

Fire Response & Prevention Services, Logistics and Material Management, Health & Safety Risk Management, Force Protection Material, Gray & Black Water Removal, Ablution/Portable Latrines , Janitorial Services , Trash Receptacles & Supplies, Portable Latrines, Dumpster/Trash Removal.